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Friday, August 29, 2008


Jeremy from Brooklyn is excited. He just won two free passes to All Tomorrow's Parties in upstate NY.

As for the trivia question
Q: While recording 'Loveless,' what color did Kevin Shields insist that the pop filters on microphones be?
You can find the answer here.

And one for the weekend... We expect The Pogues book to be ready verrrrrry soon, but in the meantime, here is video of Shane McGowan laughing like Ernie from Sesame Street.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Still more odds and ends

If it's alright with you, I'll continue with the bullet point style from Friday...

* One of the most common questions we get around here is "When's the next call for proposals?" so I thought I'd quote David from a few weeks back:
Upcoming call for Proposals
Still no decision on this, but I'm crossing my fingers that we'll be able to announce an open call for proposals at some point in October - more details as soon as I have them, obviously.
* Graeme Thomson, author of I Shot A Man In Reno, is guest blogging this week at the Powell's blog. Well worth checking out! And when you're done there, he's also blogging here full time.

* By Friday afternoon we will have a winner for the
TWO FREE PASSES to All Tomorrow's Parties featuring My Bloody Valentine in upstate New York. Until then, here's how to get your name in the hat.

* Saturday, AUGUST 30th at 6:00pm! In Los Angeles! At Metropolis Books! 3 x 33 1/3. Kim Cooper, David Smay, and Hayden Childs will be talking about Neutral Milk Hotel, Tom Waits, and Richard & Linda Thompson, respectively.

* The monthly 33 1/3 multimedia reading series will soon be kicking off at Barbès in Park Slope in Brooklyn. Starting with Abba Gold and Elisabeth Vincentelli on September 7th. Full schedule is here.

* New York Magazine's Vulture blog has an excerpt from Stephen Davis's new band bio of Guns N Roses. This year at Book Expo in downtown L.A., the "DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE? YOU'RE IN THE JUNGLE, BABY" phrase became something like a mantra for me. Here's the story of where it came from. (Turns out it's a little closer to home.)

* Vulture has also alerted us to the fact that WFMU's "The Best Show" host Tom Scharpling wants to write a 33 1/3 on Kris Kross, Styx, Paul Simon, or LA Guns... I'll let David handle this when he gets back from vacation, but until then, see point #1 above. I'm knee deep in the Sifl and Olly manuscript right now...good stuff.

(The amazing Kris Kross cover art above comes from Omar's detailed Best Show recaps.)

* While we're on the subject, now's as good a time as any to put up this amazing clip set to frequent "Best Show" guests Ted Leo and the Pharmacists' "Me and Mia." Mesmerising...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Odds and ends for the weekend...

* Pink Moon author Amanda Petrusich has a new book out called It Still Moves: Lost Songs, Lost Highways, and the Search for the Next American Music. She also has a some reading dates coming up, starting in NYC and headed toward points South. More on that here.

* The contest to win FREE tickets to see My Bloody Valentine and approximately a bajillion other bands at All Tomorrow's Parties in upstate New York is still open. Tell your friends about it and demand that they invite you as their plus one! I've looked into the email inbox and your chances are still VERY good. I cannot believe we are giving these away. Read this post for the complete info on how to enter, etc.

* Starting on Monday, Graeme Thomson, author of the brilliant I Shot a Man In Reno, will be guest blogging over at the Powell's blog. More on that next week, but in the meantime, you can check out his personal blog here.

* Here's a guy with an idea. They've started a 33 1/3 lending library at their office. Never again will they pass a lonely lunch looking over last week's TPS reports.

Afghan Whigs author Bob Gendron on Summerkiss

Bob Gendron, author of the latest addition to the 33 1/3 series, Afghan Whigs' Gentlemen, has been sharing some fun material about the album that wasn't included in his book on the online tribute to the Afghan Whigs site, Summerkiss.com.

Check out all the entries! There are awesome quotes, bootleg recordings you can listen to, and lots more.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New 33 1/3 Reading Series in NYC

For all of you in the New York area, we're starting a very exciting new 33 1/3 reading series at Barbès, a bar and performance space in Park Slope, Brooklyn located at 376 9th Street at 6th Ave.

The readings series will feature 33 1/3 authors but unlike your everyday run of the mill book event, each author in this series will incorporate music, audio, and visual elements to create an hour-long, multimedia music-fan's dream come true. The series will run the first Sunday of every month at 7pm starting in September. Come check it out! Music will be played, beer will be served.... Below is the schedule through January.

Sunday Sept. 7th @7pm Elisabeth Vincentelli on Abba's Abba Gold
Sunday Oct. 5th @7pm Zeth Lundy on Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life
Sunday Nov. 2nd @7pm Franklin Bruno on Elvis Costello's Armed Forces
Sunday Dec. 7th @7pm Joe Harvard on Velvet Underground's Velvet Underground and Nico
Sunday Jan 4th @7pm Michael Fournier on The Minutemen's Double Nickels on the Dime

You can also check out the
Barbès calendar here for more details on these and other events.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Advance Warning

Here's the cover design for a book we'll be publishing next Spring, by Nick Rombes, who wrote the Ramones volume in the series. Much more info nearer the time, obviously!

Monday, August 18, 2008

All Tomorrow's Parties NY Passes

I'm very excited to announce that we have 2 free passes to All Tomorrow's Parties New York to give away.

The tickets are worth $225 each so this is a pretty good deal. Only thing is that you have to come up with your own accommodations. For all the details about the event you can check out the ATP website

This three-day festival is happening in Monticello, NY from September 19-21 and will be curated and headlined by My Bloody Valentine.

To win the passes all you have to do is answer the following My Bloody Valentine trivia question, courtesy of our very own My Bloody Valentine's Loveless author Mike McGonigal:

Q: While recording 'Loveless,' what color did Kevin Shields insist that the pop filters on microphones be?

Send your answers to atp33third@yahoo.com by August 29th for your chance to win! We'll be announcing winners Sept. 1st.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Interview with Slayer author, DX Ferris

Axl Rosenberg of Metalsucks has posted a great interview with DX Ferris, author of the Reign in Blood volume in the series.

You can read the whole interview here, but I'll give you a little taster right now...


Was there anyone who declined to participate in the process that you really wish you could have spoken to?

Not everyone I asked said yes, and not all the people who said yes came through – but honestly, except for Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta, who’s this generation’s host of Headbanger’s Ball, I hit all my wish list. And that kinda surprised me – I got the whole band, management, Rubin, Wallace, Larry Carroll the cover artist, Tori Amos, Kat Von D came through. I didn’t think I’d get Russell Simmons, but that came together.

Dave Grohl woulda been nice – he’s a metal guy, but he’s got more money than God, and it’s not like I’m half a big name; I offered one publicist six bucks and two mix tapes if he could hook me up with him, but no dice. Kreator, their people said they were in, but it didn’t happen. Tom G. Warrior from Frost – but I guess he was having other issues to deal with. I tried to get Vinnie Abbott, but no dice there. Derek Riggs from the Iron Maiden covers didn’t want to talk about someobody else’s work, I guess. Or maybe I am a douche.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Twist and Shout

Adam at Twist and Shout in Denver very kindly sent me this photo of the series displayed in the store: nice to see the Slayer and Richard and Linda books getting the face-out treatment.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and don't forget to cheer on the British cycling team!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vol. 59: The Afghan Whigs' Gentlemen

I'm very pleased to say that Bob Gendron's brand new book in the series, about Gentlemen, is now on sale at Amazon and all of the other wonderful stores that support 33 1/3.

Here's the back cover copy:


"Gentlemen is fraught with the psychological warfare, bedroom drama, Catholic guilt, reprehensible deception, and shame that coincide with relationships gone seriously wrong. Greg Dulli's liquor cabinet confessions are chased with some of the blackest sounding rock ever committed to tape by a white band. Hopped up on primal energy, the mesmerizing R&B, funk, slide blues, garage, and chamber-pop strains are tied to a come-hither soulfulness perfumed with hyssop and stained with nicotine."

To this day, Gentlemen remains as cursed as its controversial narrator, an album out of time even in its time. Drawing on new, in-depth interviews with all of the band members, Bob Gendron dissects the record's charisma, arragements, and lyrics. He also delves into the memories, histories, experiences, and influences of the Afghan Whigs, most notably those driving Greg Dulli, a polarizing frontman whose fierce pretentiousness, GQ appearance, and gloves-off boisterousness concealed deep-rooted mental depression and chemical depedency.


Monday, August 11, 2008

On the tour bus

Good to see that the series is on tour with the nation's NUMBER ONE BAND right now, Sugarland. (Extracted from Alan Light's New York Times artice of July 27th, spotted by my colleague Jane)

“Jennifer and I are both people who had lots of different kinds of friends, ergo, the kind of person who listened to lots of different kinds of music,” said Mr. Bush, 38. “When we grew up, your music really defined your subculture, and we were lucky enough to be observers and cultural anthropologists at that time in our lives. That’s one reason we get along so well, because it doesn’t matter who walks in the door, we’re interested.” (Flaunting his credentials as a music geek, Mr. Bush pointed out a bus shelf packed full of books from the “33 1/3” series, in which writers tell the story of one classic album per volume.)


And I'm very sad about the passing of Isaac Hayes over the weekend - was lucky enough to see him play at Brooklyn College back in 2002: an extraordinary voice, wonderful showmanship, and just a magical atmosphere. Perhaps next time around, we'll sign up a book on Hot Buttered Soul...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Our far-flung correspondents

Last week we had a period of time in which Blogger locked up the blog because it had been identified as a spam blog. According to Blogger, a spam blog can be recognized by "irrelevant, repetitive, and nonsensical text."

We got the message! So you may notice we have added some fresh blood to the blog, and Claire will now be chiming in from time to time to tell us how to get CHE@P M3dZ from C@NADA. Just kidding.

We've also received a couple of pictures of 33 1/3 store displays in the last week. The first is from Grimey's record store in Nashville, Tennessee.
And for those of you in San Francisco, you can get what you're looking for at the Booksmith.

Monday, August 04, 2008

CBC's Talking Books on Let's Talk About Love online at last!

CBC's popular radio program Talking Books finally posted an online version of their show on Carl Wilson's Let's Talk About Love: A Journey to the End of Taste.

The show is hosted by Ian Brown and this segment features guests Noreen Golfman, Jonathan Garfinkel and Beatriz Hausner. Together they delve into questions of cultural shame in general and the weirdness of music critics in particular. Listen here

The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia - new in Paperback

I'm very pleased to say that Michael Gray's wonderful Bob Dylan Encyclopedia is now, finally, available in paperback around the world.

Many, many entries have been updated from the original hardcover edition, which was published to great acclaim just over two years ago - and there are some brand new entries in the paperback, too.

The culmination of decades of Dylan-related research, this revised and updated paperback edition is simply one of the most entertaining and provocative reference works you could ever hope to read.