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Monday, August 11, 2008

On the tour bus

Good to see that the series is on tour with the nation's NUMBER ONE BAND right now, Sugarland. (Extracted from Alan Light's New York Times artice of July 27th, spotted by my colleague Jane)

“Jennifer and I are both people who had lots of different kinds of friends, ergo, the kind of person who listened to lots of different kinds of music,” said Mr. Bush, 38. “When we grew up, your music really defined your subculture, and we were lucky enough to be observers and cultural anthropologists at that time in our lives. That’s one reason we get along so well, because it doesn’t matter who walks in the door, we’re interested.” (Flaunting his credentials as a music geek, Mr. Bush pointed out a bus shelf packed full of books from the “33 1/3” series, in which writers tell the story of one classic album per volume.)


And I'm very sad about the passing of Isaac Hayes over the weekend - was lucky enough to see him play at Brooklyn College back in 2002: an extraordinary voice, wonderful showmanship, and just a magical atmosphere. Perhaps next time around, we'll sign up a book on Hot Buttered Soul...

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