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Monday, March 05, 2012

Still here!

While there hasn't been much in the way of new content on the blog in a couple of weeks, we should mention that the comments thread in the 33 1/3 Call For Proposals post has been very active and full of useful questions and answers for anyone interested in submitting a book proposal this time around. The window for submissions approaches! March 19-April 30.

Also worth noting: the 33 1/3 facebook page soldiers on with the videos of the day project, currently on volume #38, Guided By Voices' Bee Thousand.

And the 33 1/3 twitter features groundbreaking and crucial links, such as this one.

Also, for some reason the comments spam filter will occasionally catch a useful question about submitting a proposal while letting many many messages about flowers, sneakers, electronics, and handbags through the net. We sort everything out and purge and release every couple of days, so don't panic or think we're ignoring you if that's the case.

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