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Sunday, September 13, 2009

It was 20 years ago today...

(Actually, maybe it was 22 or 23 - I'm not entirely sure.)

One of the many joys of youtube is that random people end up posting awesome things like this - the only video by my brother's band, My Baby's Arm, for their Melody Maker Single of the Week, "Hung in the Playground". (That's my brother on guitar, if you're curious.) I think it's held up pretty well, compared to a lot of the stuff I was listening to at the time... Anyhow, judge for yourself!


hickcity said...

Ahh...the god ol' days. Reminded me most of the Psychedelic Furs. Liked the shimmering/edgy ring of the guitar.

BlackCoffeeDuck said...

Sorry David but this comment has nothing to do with your brother's band.
I wanted to ask if it would be possible for you guys at 33 1/3 office would make contact with some songwriters who have written books already. I can image Nick Cave, Henry Rollins, Thurston Moore, Mark E. Smith, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen would write great books about albums. You would get new readers to the series and sells wouldn't be a problem too will these names on the books. I think if the first four would be easily to get on board than the last two but all are very active at the moment and I think they would be very interested in your idea about writing a book about an album.
Why not just ask them or find out who to ask, there mangers or agents maybe would be a starting place I would guess. I double dare you to just ask and see want happens. You might be surprised but you'll never know if you don't ask.