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Sunday, February 26, 2006

College Art

Just back from a few days in Boston, at the annual College Art Association Conference.

We sold quite a few books on our booth - and took lots of pre-orders for Brandon LaBelle's forthcoming Background Noise.

And we received lots of positive comments about the 33 1/3 series, as well as several versions of my favourite question, "When the **** is that My Bloody Valentine book coming out?" Anyway, people who teach and study the visual arts diplayed the following preferences. Make of this what you will:

R.E.M. - 7 copies
Beach Boys, Neutral Milk Hotel - 6 copies
David Bowie, Rolling Stones, Velvet Underground - 5 copies
Elvis Costello, Prince, The Band - 4 copies
Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, DJ Shadow, Jeff Buckley, Love, The MC5, Ramones, The Smiths, Sly and the Family Stone - 3 copies
Dusty Springfield, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Replacements, Stone Roses - 2 copies
Abba, Joy Division, Led Zeppelin - 1 copy
Jethro Tull, The Kinks* - 0 copies

*Slightly unfair, as we didn't have any copies of the Kinks book to sell.


Tosh said...

R.E.M. sells 7 copies - and no Kinks sales. This is what is wrong with this culture. Horrifying.

Anonymous said...

because THEY DIDN'T HAVE ANY KINKS BOOKS TO SELL, as it said if you'd bothered to READ THE THING

J. said...

Hey David -- Why do you think my book sold the most copies? Did the art academics flip thru it and see buzzwords that triggered the sale or something?

Anonymous said...

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