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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Barking Man

Yep Roc are shortly to release the Billy Bragg "Volume 1" box set, which looks like it's going to be wonderful - all of the early albums plus a huge noseful of extra stuff. You can read more about it, and pre-order it, here.

It's surely worth getting for "St Swithin's Day" alone. I remember watching Dubstar play that live, with Billy watching on in the crowd. Hope he liked their version as much as I did.

St Swithin's Day

Thinking back now,
I suppose you were just stating your views
What was it all for
For the weather or the Battle of Agincourt
And the times that we all hoped would last
Like a train they have gone by so fast
And though we stood together
At the edge of the platform
We were not moved by them

With my own hands
When I make love to your memory
It's not the same
I miss the thunder
I miss the rain
And the fact that you don't understand
Casts a shadow over this land
But the sun still shines from behind it.

Thanks all the same
But I just can't bring myself to answer your letters
It's not your fault
But your honesty touches me like a fire
The Polaroids that hold us together
Will surely fade away
Like the love that we spoke of forever
On St Swithin's Day


Anonymous said...

England should regard Bragg as a national treasure and put his face on a postage stamp. Don't always agree with his politics, but I admire the manner in which he communicates his views -- with art, humor, and grace.

Shallow Rewards said...

I find Don't Try This at Home isn't discussed nearly enough. Such a superb record.

Gotta love that, as well.