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Friday, September 07, 2012

Competition: The Winners

So, the goal of the contest was to choose which 18 of the 94 titles on our long-list would make it through to the final stage. We had over 350 entries from around the world - so thank you to everybody who had a go. (Including our dear former colleague who, with a little insider knowledge and a cunning fake name, managed to get 12 correct.)

The top non-cheating score was 8 out of 18. And there were 8 of you who hit those dizzy heights. In no particular order:

Laurent Derycke
Avner Ben-Yishai
Rhys Fraser
John F
Michael Demopoulos
Will Pierce
Paul Rothman
Maurice Funken

(Avner: not totally sure I got your name right, but that was the best my Hebrew detective skills could come up with - sorry if it's wrong!)

I put those 8 names into a hat just now and pulled out one. So the winner of an entire set of all 86 books published to date in the series is:

Rhys Fraser

Many congrats, Rhys - we'll be in touch.

For the 7 runners-up, we'll be in touch with you too, as we'd like to send you each 5 books from the series, of your choice.

Remarkably, of all the entries, every single person got at least one correct answer. All the entries, that is, except for Candace Mills - Candace, for such a rare display of skill, we'd like to offer you 5 free books as well. We'll be in touch!

Thanks again to all who entered, and we'll have more contests in the run-up to the series' 10th birthday, a year from now.


John Mark said...


Gonzo said...

It was a fun little exercise, trying to determine the psychology of an acquisitions editor.

And kudos to you all for giving Candace her due props!

Z said...

I got 6. so close! fun competition though. Congrats to the winners!

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LADY ELIX said...

I'm digger this blog. Also read a few of the 33 1/3 - Nas' Illmatic; Prince's Sign of the Times; Aretha Franklin 'Amazing Grace' and Sly & The Family Stones 'There's A Riot Going On'.

Keep up the great work!

Lady Elix