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Friday, April 20, 2012

Levon Helm, RIP

There are dozens of lovely obituaries of Levon Helm available - I like this one from the LA Times. And this quote in particular, about his childhood in Arkansas: "I would go right into Chapel Silas' grocery story and Mr. Silas had one of the best jukeboxes in Phillips County, and I would sit there and feed that jukebox and he would feed me, you know, bologna and cheese." The very sad passing of Levon Helm has prompted me to re-read (again!) John Niven's wonderful novella about the Big Pink era. (It was great to hear Barney Hoskyns raving about it at the recent pop conference in NYC.)


Alan Page said...

What is a reasonable "projected time" for completion of a 33 1/3rd book? 4-6 months?

Anonymous said...

Hi David,
John pays tribute to Levon on the Caught by the River site: