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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Were you aware of it?

I recently came across NYCtaper.com, which, in their own words "is a live music blog that offers a new paradigm of music distribution on the web. The recordings are offered for free on this site as are the music posts, reviews and links to artist sites. All recordings are posted with artist permission or artists with an existing pro-taping policy."

But that's putting it very modestly. The recordings are all very high quality, and they have archives going back to 2007. Here is Earth from All Tomorrow's Parties on October 2nd, and here's Megafaun (currently on heavy rotation in my ipod) at the Mercury Lounge on September 24th.


Anonymous said...

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Cormac said...

Brilliant collection of recordings. Listening to Dinosaur Jnr as I type.!