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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Guest Blog: Scott Tennent on pre-Slint band Maurice

Maurice (Pre-Slint) Demos Now Available

If you've read my book on Spiderland, you know that one of my main arguments in the opening chapter is that the significance of Squirrel Bait in the pre-Slint soup is somewhat overstated, considering David Grubbs wrote the majority of that band's music and lyrics and that Brian McMahan and Britt Walford were not really in the band at the same time. But there's a recorded documentation of Squirrel Bait and all those names are in the liner notes, so there you go. Rather, in my interviews for the book, it was made pretty clear to me that another band had a much more direct tie to Slint: Maurice...

Linkage to the full post: http://prettygoeswithpretty.typepad.com/pgwp/2011/07/maurice-pre-slint-demos-now-available.html

David Pajo has made the full demos available on his bandcamp page: http://music.davidpajo.com/releases


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