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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Henry Rollins, Punk

S.X. Rosenstock has a good piece on the Huffington Post about Henry Rollins, who turned 50 a few days ago. Here's an extract:

"Henry Rollins stalks the earth. Tibet. Uganda. Mongolia. North Korea. The Costco in Burbank. He pounced onto the stage at LA's Largo to demonstrate relentless curiosity about the world and concern for it as he performed the first in a series of spoken word shows celebrating his fiftieth birthday. Hardcore/punk is a bell he can't unring. It is a mandate impossible to live, and a goad toward constant confrontation he can't ignore. Confrontation has been his lifestyle. At fifty it is his legacy."

But of course the part that really jumped out at me was this one:

"All over LA and Orange Counties people are stuck in traffic and worried about their immediate and long-term futures. It is funny how listening to the punk music that was born in So Cal helps the helplessness because punk as a movement has been proved to have died almost before it began. (I'm obsessed with Nicholas Rombes' amazing book, A Cultural Dictionary of Punk from Continuum Books, and carry it everywhere.)"

If you haven't dipped your punkie toe into Rombes' book yet, please do so by clicking on the "preview" button on our website here.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you get Henry Rollins to write a book for 33 1/3 series?????

Anonymous said...

I agree- get Hank to write a 33 1/3 about something you'd never expect like the remastered version of Cash's At Folsom Prison or Leonard Cohen's I'm Your Man.

I KNOW Hank has a real diverse taste in music so start talking to the man!

Unknown said...

Great! Good information to share with others,i like it very much,thanks....


Anonymous said...

Rollins on Manson would be AWESOME.

the punk rock snob said...

Punk's not dead, i know.

don't be stupid.