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Monday, April 05, 2010

CBC Book Club Selection!

Carl Wilson's 33 1/3 on Celine Dion is featured as part of the CBC Book Club's Music Month of April. He'll be doing an Ask The Author podcast with book club host Hannah Sung, and if you email questions before April 15, you will also be entered to win a Sony e-reader gadget. Not bad!

I just got back from a Pop Culture conference in St. Louis, and spent a lot of time talking with people about the 33 1/3 series, among other things. We ended up selling quite a few of this one, and met several professors who assigned it to students in their classes, but of course, there were a lot of people who immediately recoiled and shielded themselves from it like a teenage vampire reacting to a crucifix. I thought that was interesting since culture doesn't get much more popular than Celine...

At any rate, this should be pretty cool. I'll link to it again once the podcast Q&A goes live.

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gih said...

Well, that's a good topic. I like the songs of Celine too.