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Thursday, July 09, 2009

33 1/3 design contest finalists!

I'll announce a winner tomorrow before I leave the office, promise... Feel free to let us know if you have strong feelings about any of these in the comments field.

And if you have any late entries into the game, put a link up in the comments as well. It's never too late.

So far the prize pile accumulating next to my printer contains:
  1. One copy of Big Star's Radio City by Bruce Eaton (33 1/3)
  2. One copy of Nas' Illmatic by Matthew Gastaier (33 1/3)
  3. One copy of Elliott Smith's XO by Matthew LeMay (33 1/3)
  4. One copy of Wire's Pink Flag by Wilson Neate (33 1/3)
  5. One super-rare galley edition of Black Sabbath's Master of Reality by John Darnielle (33 1/3)
  6. One copy of A Cultural Dictionary of Punk by Nick Rombes
  7. And, very apropos, one copy of CelebrityVinyl by Tom Hamling, published by our friends at Mark Batty. Every single album in this particular book deserves it's very own 33 1/3. Go here and click the image to see some page samples.


syro0 said...

I have two very late additions
Bone Machine, and
Sailin' Shoes

Joe said...

Late entry:

Anonymous said...

a late fz related addition:


John Mark said...

Some real dark horse contenders here... keep it up!