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Friday, June 05, 2009

Elliott Smith reading this Sunday in Brooklyn

Sunday, June 7th at 7:00pm
Barbès and Continuum present the last in a series of multimedia readings

The very name "Elliott Smith" often seems to conjure images of a drug-addled, powerless "sad sack," but Smith's 1998 major label debut XO masterfully defies these stereotypes in both content and execution. Matthew LeMay will read from his book, Elliott Smith's XO, and will supplement his reading with snippets from rare demo and live recordings, as well as video interviews from around the time of XO's release. In seeing and hearing these materials, one begins to get a clearer picture of Elliott Smith the confident and capable craftsman.
This should be a lot of fun. Come out and say hello, have a pint, and stick around afterward for some gypsy jazz ala Django Reinhart. This is the final installment of the multimedia reading series at Barbes, and we would like to thank Olivier, Jeff, Claire, and all of the staff at Barbes for being so patient and accommodating. If you are in NYC and haven't visited the bar before, be sure to check out the event schedule for the back room. On any given night, they are bound to be putting on some of the more interesting live music in the city... if only all reading venues had such a fine selection of beers on tap.

As a complement to the Stevie Wonder drum solo below, here's another one in technicolor times nine (with a "Prisoner" vibe) to take you through the weekend.


Hallock Hill said...

Unfortunate title to this post. It would be quite something to see Elliott Smith reading this Sunday in Brooklyn.

John Mark said...