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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Our far-flung correspondents

Last week we had a period of time in which Blogger locked up the blog because it had been identified as a spam blog. According to Blogger, a spam blog can be recognized by "irrelevant, repetitive, and nonsensical text."

We got the message! So you may notice we have added some fresh blood to the blog, and Claire will now be chiming in from time to time to tell us how to get CHE@P M3dZ from C@NADA. Just kidding.

We've also received a couple of pictures of 33 1/3 store displays in the last week. The first is from Grimey's record store in Nashville, Tennessee.
And for those of you in San Francisco, you can get what you're looking for at the Booksmith.

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Unknown said...

this is the shit. i just got back from new york city, seeing displays at barnes & noble (14th street) and a huge collection of the books at st. marks bookstore. all the writers' sales should be going through the roof at the same time, no? haaha