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Friday, August 22, 2008

Odds and ends for the weekend...

* Pink Moon author Amanda Petrusich has a new book out called It Still Moves: Lost Songs, Lost Highways, and the Search for the Next American Music. She also has a some reading dates coming up, starting in NYC and headed toward points South. More on that here.

* The contest to win FREE tickets to see My Bloody Valentine and approximately a bajillion other bands at All Tomorrow's Parties in upstate New York is still open. Tell your friends about it and demand that they invite you as their plus one! I've looked into the email inbox and your chances are still VERY good. I cannot believe we are giving these away. Read this post for the complete info on how to enter, etc.

* Starting on Monday, Graeme Thomson, author of the brilliant I Shot a Man In Reno, will be guest blogging over at the Powell's blog. More on that next week, but in the meantime, you can check out his personal blog here.

* Here's a guy with an idea. They've started a 33 1/3 lending library at their office. Never again will they pass a lonely lunch looking over last week's TPS reports.


Evan Minsker said...

Thank God you guys started updating more often. It's nice to read this an have it update pretty frequently. Thanks!

Mer said...

What time of year do you usually accept submissions?