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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The League Table, June 2008

Below is the sales chart for the series, showing *lifetime* global sales positions of all the books in the series, from September 2003 through to the end of June. Clearly this gives an advantage to the older volumes - and since many of those are still selling well, it's tough as nuts for some of the newer titles to catch up.

That said, we've seen some big moves recently from the books on My Bloody Valentine and Bowie, while the Radiohead and Rolling Stones books are showing some serious legs at this point in time. Further down the chart (and really, there's no shame at all in being down there!), we've seen some great starts from the volumes on Tom Waits, Slayer, and Sabbath. And, of course, Celine continues to power along nicely - if that book continues to pick up undergrad course adoptions, who knows where the fun will end?


1. Neutral Milk Hotel
2. The Kinks
3. The Smiths
4. The Rolling Stones
5. Radiohead
6. Velvet Underground
7. Joy Division
8. The Beatles
9. Pink Floyd
10. Led Zeppelin
11. The Beach Boys
12. David Bowie
13. My Bloody Valentine
14. Love
15. Beastie Boys
16. DJ Shadow
17. Bob Dylan
18. Neil Young
19. Pixies
20. Jimi Hendrix
21. Jeff Buckley
22. The Replacements
23. Dusty Springfield
24. The Band
25. Prince
26. R.E.M.
27. Sonic Youth
28. Bruce Springsteen
29. The Ramones
30. Celine Dion
31. Elvis Costello
32. Captain Beefheart
33. James Brown
34. Magnetic Fields
35. Steely Dan
36. Nirvana
37. The Who
38. Guided By Voices
39. The Byrds
40. Stone Roses
41. Minutemen
42. Jethro Tull
43. Sly and the Family Stone
44. Abba
45. Belle & Sebastian
46. The MC5
47. Tom Waits
48. Black Sabbath
49. Joni Mitchell
50. Nick Drake
51. Stevie Wonder
52. U2
53. Slayer
54. PJ Harvey
55. Guns N Roses
56. Throbbing Gristle
57. A Tribe Called Quest
58. Patti Smith
59. Richard and Linda Thompson


1 comment:

Gorelick said...

I was just at the store -- Baltimore's amazing Sound Garden, trying to decide which book to give as a gift. It came down to: Low, 69 Love Songs, and Shoot Out the Lights. I actually had paid for 69 Love Songs, and then went back and changed it to Richard and Linda Thompson's album.
Now, seeing how they're ranked at the very bottom, I'm glad I did.