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Thursday, February 07, 2008

More on Stores

Thanks to everyone for pitching in a few posts ago, in the comments section on stores that carry the series. I've updated the list that I started, so that it now looks like this:

Horizon Records, Greenville SC
Atomic Records, Milwaukee WI
Boo Boo Records, San Luis Obispo, CA
Book Cellar, Chicago IL
Bull Moose Records, Portland ME
Dimple Records, Sacramento CA
Fatfin Records, Salt Lake City, UT
Grimeys, Nashville TN
Guestroom Records, Norman OK
Indy CD and Vinyl, Indianapolis IN
Repo Records, Philadelphia PA
Turn It Up, Northampton MA
Harvard Book Store, Cambridge MA
Virgin Megastore, Times Square, NYC
McNally Robinson, Calgary AB
Olsson's Books, Dupont Circle, Washington DC
Bridge Street Books, Georgetown, Washington DC
Prairie Lights Bookstore, Iowa City IA
Shakespeare and Company, NYC
St. Mark's Books, NYC
Pages Books, Toronto ON
This Ain't the Rosedale Library, Toronto ON
Bayboro Books, St. Petersburg FL
Daddy Kool Records, St. Petersburg FL
Underground Sounds, Louisville KY
Carmichael's Bookstore, Louisville KY
a cappella Books, Atlanta GA
Criminal Records, Atlanta GA
No Radio Records, Ithaca NY
Foyles of London (Main Branch)
Visible Voice, Cleveland OH
Rocking Horse Records, Brisbane Australia
Cake Shop, NYC
Shake It Records, Cincinnati OH
Quimby's Books, Chicago IL
Reckless Records, Chicago IL
Permanent Records, Chicago IL
Sloth Records, Calgary AB
Sonic Boom Records, Seattle WA
Powells Books, Portland OR
The Sound Garden, Baltimore MD
Stinkweeds, Phoenix AZ
Waterloo Records, Austin TX
Word Books, Brooklyn NY
Euclid Records, Saint Louis MO
Book People, Austin TX
Bulls Head Bookshop, Chapel Hill NC

Update: I left out some stores that I really shouldn't have! Thanks for the comments and reminders.

Equator Books, Venice CA
Book Court, Brooklyn NY
Shaman Drum Bookshop, Ann Arbor MI
SoundGarden, Syracuse NY

Some of the books are also available in branches nationwide of Barnes & Noble and Borders, although you'll tend to have better luck in the former, as a rule. And if you know of any more stores to add to this, please do leave them in the comments section below.


Yoshie "Lola Batling" said...

I love these books!
I'd love to write one!

Anonymous said...

SoundGarden, Syracuse, NY

Anonymous said...

Equator Books, Venice, CA

Matt Bell said...

I'm pretty sure I've seen them at Shaman Drum Bookshop in Ann Arbor, MI.

Anonymous said...

To update an earlier comment, I picked up numbers 49 and 51 (Achtung Baby and Pink Moon respectively) in Foyles of London today, number 50 - If you're feeling Sinister in Borders in Cardiff, Wales last week and number 52 - Let's talk about Love (Celine Dion) in Waterstones in Birmingham England today.

Yoshie "Lola Batling" said...

I got rid of me at borders in manhattan

Anonymous said...

Chop Suey Books, Richmond, VA

Claire Townsend said...

Foyles, London, UK (!)

Ottawa Capital Complaints Choir said...


is there anywhere I can buy Carl's book in Ottawa?

I'm just starting the one on R.E.M's "Murmur" that I borrowed from a friend.


Glenn Nuotio

Anonymous said...

Modern Times, San Francisco, CA

Unknown said...

i picked up the neutral milk hotel book in metropolis books (melbourne)

i've also seen them in greville records (melbourne)

Anonymous said...

Turn it Up!, Northampton, MA

The Book House, Albany, NY

Anonymous said...

Bailey-Coy Books in Seattle carries the series.

Anonymous said...

Twist & Shout Denver,CO

I am the book buyer for Twist and try to always keep at least one copy of every book in the series in stock. The series does very well for us. Can also be purchased online


Anonymous said...

Rough Trade, London, UK!

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Anonymous said...

Barnes & Noble Union Square in NYC has the full series on display....