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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Put the needle on the record

Way back in August we announced a 33 1/3 t-shirt design contest through Threadless.com and the results are finally in. Here is the winning design (final shirt does not have the 33 1/3 Loves Threadless logo in the bottom left):

They ran out of stock before I could even put up a post about it, but they will have another batch in stock in February, when you can order it through Threadless at $10 for a t-shirt and $35 for a hoodie. T-shirts come in GRAY, and hoodies are in WHITE. On both, the design is in puffy black paint. Very cool.

* * *
...aaaaannnnnnd, in the spirit of the season, we received one extra white hoodie in the office, size LARGE. First person to send me an email at jmboling(at)continuum-books[dot]com.
[That was fast. Hoodie is gone!]
The hoodie looks like this, but slightly less ominous:

Free stuff! Get to it!

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