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Monday, December 17, 2007

All Celine, all weekend...

New York Magazine takes a thoughtful look at Celine, and runs the photo of her in a catwoman pantsuit to your right.

Celine Dion's Las Vegas stage show wrapped up over the weekend and the NY Times has a wrap-up.

The Toronto Globe and Mail published an excerpt from Carl Wilson's book on Celine as well, in which he describes his experience in Vegas to see Celine like so:
"I wandered in a haze through the gold towers and black pyramids, dancing water fountains, seizure-inducing signage and replicas of landmarks from cities where I'd rather have been, before slouching back to my room each night with a fifth of bourbon to watch pay-per-view. Muttering witticisms to myself got tired fast. I was a stray member of the cultural-capital tribe deported to a gaudy prison colony run by a phalanx of showgirls who held hourly re-education sessions to hammer me into feeling insignificant and micro-penised."
CBC's "Q" program interviewed Carl on Friday. You can download the podcast here.

The Montreal Gazette ran a great review of the book on Saturday.
"Let's Talk About Love is a rigorous, perceptive and very funny meditation on what happens when you realize that there's more to life than being hip, and begin to grapple with just what that "more" might be." --Montreal Gazette
"The Mich Vish Interracial Morning Show" out of Guelph, Canada spoke with Carl on Thursday. You can find a link to the archive on this page.

...and this just in: Gawker.com.


vish said...

hey there,

sorry for the confusion, but Carl's on our show THIS Wendesday morning, December 12.

I'll send an mp3 link after it airs but you can also listen live online at www.cfru.ca at 8:05 AM.


Anonymous said...


here's an mp3 link to hear Carl on our show:

it's about 5 minutes in, after the BBC.