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Monday, October 01, 2007

I guess there's always next year...

From Bill Janovitz's Exile on Main Street.
Gram [Parsons], a trust-fund kid, was as restless a searcher and wanderer as Keith [Richards], one also interested in the mythology/reality dichotomy of America. Stanley Booth, a Georgian who felt an attachment to Parsons, recalls a 1969 conversations he had with Gram high in a hotel tower on Sunset Boulevard while waiting for the Stones to commence their American tour:
"Look at it, man," he said, as if he had read my thoughts. "They call it America, and they call it civilization, and they call it television, and they believe in it and salute it and sing songs to it and eat and sleep and die still believing in it, and--and--I don't know," he said, taking another drag, "then sometimes the Mets come along and win the World Series."
...and sometimes they don't even come close.

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