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Friday, June 08, 2007

Bee Thousand Party tomorrow night

Just a quick reminder that on Saturday evening, at Don Pedro's in Brooklyn, we'll be having a party to celebrate all things Bee Thousand, including Marc Woodworth's excellent book on the album.

Hope to see some of you there...

Here's the info from the Don Pedro's website:


90 Manhattan Ave @ McKibbin St |, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
Cost : $5


When Guided by Voices’ inimitable Bee Thousand hit the streets in 1994 it made a beautiful mess of the lives of lo-fi lovers everywhere. With Robert Pollard taking a well-earned break from touring and the publication of Marc Woodworth's book on the album in Continuum's 33 1/3 series, it's a stellar moment to fire off "A Salty Salute to Bee Thousand."

Expect a night of aesthetic debauchery in the form of film, theater, and, yes, rock, with indie eminences Robert Pollard and Tobin Sprout in attendance along with other GbV alums. On tap: world premieres of Lewis Klahr’s short film “Or Something Like That” and Fovea Floods' performance piece "Gold Star for Robot Boy"; writer Rick Moody and artist Nina Katchadourian offering up a Tobin tune and a host of surprise performers. Fans off the street can even sign up for an open-mic turn. We’re no scientists but it’s clear this is the right solution for soothing yourself with rock and roll.

[ MICROSHOW ] we're throwing a GUIDED BY VOICES song MICROSHOW party to salute GUIDED BY VOICE'S BEE THOUSAND. For a microshow we set up a full backline on stage and invite any bands who want to to jump up and play one song apiece - all GBV songs this time. There'll be dozens of bands - real ones, made up pick up ones, famous ones - and everybody will get drunk as hell. Think karaoke with full bands! Awesome! If you want to play a song, just show up & sign up! :: CONFIRMED PERFORMERS SO FAR: :: the Tender Breasts :: Castanets :: Katie Eastburn ------> from YOUNG PEOPLE :: Phosphorescent :: the Fugue

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