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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Morton Valence

It's childish, I know, but receiving an email like the one below from a new favourite band can be very exciting. It's almost enough to make me miss the Kilburn High Road.


David, my Child,

This Saturday the seven of morton valence shall travel to Kilburn and perform wondrous music to the lumpen crowds (ie. you).

This event was predicted many, many days ago, back in July, in the Book of Camilo the Drummer:

And so the band will return from the studio,
And it will be good.
And Junior will say unto the band
Let us head forth to the best bar in North London,
Where the people can sip fine ale until the sun doth rise again,
And men and women do not start to "begat" in the toilets.
(Chapter 3, Verse 4)

Details of the event are below. Please note ALL the details. Do not get anything wrong.

Date: Saturday 2nd September 2006
Venue: The Good Ship, 289 Kilburn High Road, NW6 7JR
Bands: from 8pm onwards
Headline: morton valence
Price: £5 or £4 with flier

Furthermore, the venue serves real ales and a variety of "proper" drinks and has a licence until 4am. The night includes four bands, plus DJs. That’s a lotta music for ya money, mate, a lotta music. FOUR bands. FOUR paaaand. It’s like, you know - do the math.

Other bands performing:

W.I.T. - http://www.myspace.com/witband
The Vigours - http://www.myspace.com/thevigours
My Stupid Hair - http://www.myspace.com/mystupidhair

Lastly, the night will see the official launch of the first latest line of morton valence merchandise. There will be badges, t-shirts, patches, badges, vinyl, t-shirts, patches and much more - all served by our lovely Merch Girls, who will smile at you and not mention your bad breath.

Thank you for your time, David, see you on Saturday.

Yours truly,

Doctor Jules

morton valence director of communications

P.S. There will soon be a new MP3 of the Month (really, a proper one) and sneak previews of the morton valence FOPP EP via our My Space page. morton valence thank you for your patience.