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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Greatest Hits, Volume 1

So, we're busy pulling this book together - you can pre-order it on Amazon.com here (for less than the price of one of the regular series books!), and it should be available around the end of September. It'll have decent-sized extracts from each of the first 20 books in the series, plus the winning essay from our Under-21 Writing Competition (we're working through those over the next few days), and a mercifully short and probably lame-brained introduction by me.

I hope that even if you've already read five or six of these books, this might give you an affordable taste of what else is on offer in the series...

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Anonymous said...


As you can see, this makes us very excited.

Meloy's book was genius, by the way, and I'm currently reading Kim Cooper's NMH book--which sadly won't be in this book. But what can you do?