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Monday, July 31, 2006

Dylanesque Quiz

One of the fun features of Amazon.com's Search Inside The Book facility is the concordance. According to its calculations, these are the 100 most commonly used words in our Bob Dylan Encyclopedia:

1965 2005 again album american another band between black blues bob book born came city come concert country day down dylan early end even film first folk get go good got great group guitar himself hit home ing john know last later life line little live london long love man may music name new night now ny old own part people play played playing re record recorded recording released right robert rock see sessions set sing singer song sound still studio take things though three time tour tracks two uk version vocals went words work world years yet york young

We'll send a free copy of the book, signed by the author Michael Gray, as well as five free 33 1/3 books of your choice, to the person who can write the most entertaining song lyric that uses those 100 words - and only those 100 words - by the end of Friday, August 11th.

Email your entry to me - david at continuum-books.com



In an effort to out-lame Sean Nelson (see entry below), I had a go at this quiz. The aim was to achieve something Bob-like; an aim that was spectacularly not achieved. If anyone else wants to enter, you have another week...


1965 again, know people went American
City life, old folk, sessions playing two tracks

Little Robert, singer song (New York get young!)
Rock released, tour home, London got blues black

Another concert came between studio, recording
Guitar man hit himself, yet re-recorded three things
Played live, play right, take time, even sing
Love long, night now, words work, music-ing

First born UK, film John – good day
Early sound country, though book group version still may
Come down part line, record set NY
2005 vocals: go see last Dylan album name
Later Bob, own world – band years end great


Anonymous said...

Each word only once?

David said...

Well, maybe we can allow a tiny bit of creative cheating...if you need an "of" or an "and" or a "the" somewhere, that would seem reasonable.