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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Through the cracks

These are a few of the projects that - for various and sometimes complicated reasons - never made it to fruition. Some came very close to happening, others less so; but they all would have been fun.

Songs in the Key of Life, by Dave Hesmondhalgh
Parallel Lines, by Elisabeth Vincentelli
Three Feet High and Rising, by Brian Coleman
Tusk, by Stephin Merritt
Computer Love, by Michael Bracewell
Marquee Moon, by David Keenan
Master of Puppets, by Tom Bissell
The Basement Tapes, by Damon Krukowski


Anonymous said...

Are these all officially 'dead' and not simply 'on hiatus' or 'possibly to come at a later date'??

Some look very intriguing...

If truly dead, I guess other authors might tackle these same albums?

David said...

As far as I know, these projects are all officially 'dead'. So the albums could still be covered in future titles in the series.

Eric said...

Hi. Great series of books!

How come Amazon lists "Marquee Moon" as out of print, if your "Through the Cracks" post (Thurs, May 05, '05) says it never happened at all?

Also, WILL any titles ever go out of print? Or will they all remain in print as long as you are publishing the series?

Thanks again. All the best.
~ Eric