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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sunday Evening

Thanks to everyone (especially Claire, for the organising and the photos) who braved the bitter cold on Sunday and made it out to Barbes in Brooklyn - where Joe Harvard and his band read excerpts from Joe's book and played an hour-long set of covers including "Heroin", "Femme Fatale" and "Venus in Furs". A fun time was had by all, I hope!

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Anonymous said...

The band and I had a blast - many thanks to Claire, kudos to Wendy for the great intro. What a nice room to read and rock in; big love to the audience who came in from the cold, they listened and rocked and laughed ... all at the right times.

Funny, Velveeta gets offers to play a lot now -- and all because of one 33-1/3 book release party!
BIG MOMENT: A friend of/at the bar texting his pal Lou Reed to tell him he was listening to Velveeta at Barbes!
Thanks again - Joe Harvard