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Friday, September 26, 2008

Mark yer calendars

D.X. Ferris (33 1/3 Slayer's Reign in Blood) will appear at the Mentor Borders Books & Music (17200 Royalton Rd, Route 82Strongsville, Ohio 44136, Ohio) this Saturday, September 27. Ferris will sign copies, answer questions, and give away free bonus material. The event is free, and runs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ferris is scheduled to appear at 2.

Roll Carnival also features authors Carlo Wolff (Cleveland Rock and Roll Memories), John Gorman (The Buzzard: Inside the Glory Days of WMMS and Cleveland Rock and Roll), Mike Olszewski (Radio Daze), Marc Lee Shannon (Any Ordinary Man) and Murray Saul (Get Downs Vol. 1). Also appearing will be artist David Helton and T-shirt entrepreneur Daffy Dan.


33 1/3 Guided by Voices' Bee Thousand author Marc Woodworth will be reading at the Paradise Lounge in Boston on Tuesday, September 30th at 6pm right before Robert Pollard's Boston Spaceships/ Big Dipper show (beginning at 7pm at the Paradise).

The event will incorporate randomly chosen interview cassette minute (usually at the expense of the author’s dignity), the collective making of a found poem from Bee Thousand lyric fragments using the Tzara Dada method of anti- lyric composition, the playing of a few Bee Thousand-era rarities, and a full-size anagram contest (prix d'honneur for the winner), sing-alongs, and giveaways of home-made, lovingly decorated, lo-fi indexes to those who buy the book or bring their tattered, smudged and dog-eared copies.

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