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Friday, November 10, 2006

Cake Shop event on Monday 13th

Just to confirm: at 7pm on Monday, we'll have a reading (or, if you prefer, a "bi-media extravaganza") at Cake Shop on Ludlow St in NYC.

Marc Woodworth will be enthralling us with a reading from his brand new Bee Thousand book - in Marc's words "There'll be a randomly chosen interview cassette minute, the collective making of a found poem from Bee Thousand lyric fragments using the Tzara Dada method of anti-lyric composition, and a full-size anagram contest (prix d'honneur for the winner)."

And Ben Sisario will be on hand too, reading from his acclaimed Pixies book.
In other news, we've just received our first finished copies of LD Beghtol's field guide to 69 Love Songs, and they really look beautiful. More soon on that particular book...

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