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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

33 1/3 Greatest Hits, Volume 1

Just in from the printers, and on sale already here (and on sale any day now from the usual book and record stores), is 33 1/3 Greatest Hits Volume 1 - our collection of excerpts from the first 20 books in the series, ranging from Dusty to the Ramones. The book includes a short introduction written by me, as well as Dan Connelly's much more entertaining essay on Phil Ochs, the winning entry in our inaugural Under-21 Writing Contest.

I thought this anthology might be worth publishing, as a way of perhaps enticing more people into the series. Seems like a good way of sampling the variety of approaches on offer. Anyhow, if you're a reviewer or a bookseller or a librarian or a magical combination of all three, and would like more information on the book, feel free to drop me a line.

The cover image, by the way, started life as an homage to those Top of the Pops compilation albums from the 1970s, and gradually morphed into something much more hipsterish. I still think we should make some t-shirts like this.

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