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Monday, July 25, 2005

Jim Fusilli on the radio

Jim Fusilli, author of our Pet Sounds book, will be appearing on Soundcheck on WNYC, between 2 and 3pm on Thursday this week, the 28th.

WNYC broadcasts on 93.9FM in the city.

I think Bob Mould is going to be on the same show as Jim, too. Listen in!


Anonymous said...

Jim will be on at around 2:30ish. You can stream the show live off of WNYC's site - www.wnyc.org.

Anonymous said...

...or you can hear the show in WNYC's archives, either by stream or mp3 at http://www.wnyc.org/shows/soundcheck/episodes/07282005

David said...

This is really worth listening to, if only for the angry Beach Boys fan on the phone. But I thought Jim was good, and Bob Mould, too. Perhaps he could write a 33 1/3?